Aeroseal America LLC can be called at 602-427-2400 We provide Arizona customers with home duct sealing.We use a patented technology to seal ductwork from the inside. Air quality is an important element healthy living.

Hello, my name is Patrick Farrell, the owner of Aeroseal America LLC. I would like to tell you how it all started!

I began an energy assessment company, Power Down America, in April of 2009 after making some improvements to my own home and realizing the immediate impact as far as comfort and savings are concerned. The utility companies rolled out the Arizona Home Performance with Energy Star program in late 2009 (APS) and early 2010 (SRP), which offers a $99 (a $400 value) whole house assessment and rebate incentives to homeowners who make certain energy improvements (duct sealing, attic insulation, shade screens, pool motors, etc.).

I quickly realized that duct leakage is a major problem in the Arizona housing market, with 4 out of 5 homes that will see benefits (comfort, better indoor air quality & savings) by sealing their duct systems. The conventional way to accomplish this is to have someone crawl through the attic (which can run 150+ degrees in the summer) and seal all of the joints and connections with a paste called mastic. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions, ducts running through soffits and flat roofs with no attic access, reaching all of these joints and connections can be impossible. Then I saw Aeroseal!



Aeroseal is a patented technology created by the  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (see Aeroseal history https://aeroseal.com/aeroseal-history/ ) that seals duct work from the inside. The first time I saw the results on a customer’s’ home, I was blown away. The difference in leakage reduction between Aeroseal and a manual mastic seal was incredible.

I was working with several contractors to take care of my clients’ home energy needs and was not pleased with the level of customer service or pride of workmanship being offered. That’s when I made the decision to invest the time and money to acquire the training & equipment necessary to provide Aeroseal to homeowners throughout the valley. We will provide a professional service with a level of respect and honesty that I expect from any contractor I allow in my home. Thank you for putting your trust in Aeroseal America. You will not be disappointed!