Aeroseal American Can Now Help You With Your Commercial Buildings

Our new service line provides testing and sealing of ductwork for HVAC systems in light commercial properties. Aeroseal America’s technology involves sealing ductwork from the inside and our first project was with ASU!

Pat Farrell has experience including owning and operating an energy assessment company, Power Down America. Pat started Power Down America over 10 years ago working with both utility companies, APS and SRP, and is an energy expert in Arizona. He has seen the results in his own home and realized the immediate impact in comfort and savings.

Duct leakage is a major problem in the Arizona housing market. The old way of sealing the duct systems by hand with someone crawling through an attic in the heat of summer is not ideal. There is a paste called mastic that is used in this hand sealing traditional method. With Aeroseal America’s innovative technology, we can seal all the leaks from the inside and ensure you aren’t pulling in bad, dusty air or cooling your attic.

This technology allows us to overcome space restrictions such as ducts that are in soffits, buildings with flat roofs, and even buildings with no attic access. Aeroseal solves the access problem and can now help business owners save money and improve their comfort and air quality.
Pat Farrell started Aeroseal America when he wasn’t pleased with the quality of work or the level of customer service he was receiving. He made the decision to invest the money and time to acquire the training and equipment necessary to provide Aeroseal to his residential clients. Now we are eager to offer this service line to commercial clients.

Now after personally seeing the need and immediate impact Aeroseal has on the comfort, indoor air quality and energy savings in people’s homes, it just makes sense to offer the same great product and service to doctor offices, local schools, or churches.